The Drag-and-Drop Editor

No-code Template Builder

No-code template builder is built on the drag-and-drop principle, which means you can develop your templates without having to write any code whatsoever. It's easier to use Inspakt's template editor because generating documents is just a matter of dragging and dropping each element into the perfect position.

Fast and simple

Choose the component you want to use and add it as a field on the document.

Easy to start and finish

Various component choices

Responsive design

Specialized Dataset

Upload a data set as an excel sheet to your account and use it to fill-out the documents quicker.

Reference Data

Auto populate

Specialized in your area


Edit the components, what you ask for and how you ask, or limit the values. It's up to you!

Number limits

Choose the data format

Accept only real time photos

The drag-and-drop edıtor


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