Create templates representing your brand and finalize documents remotely with digital solutions. Inspakt allows insurers to be very goal-oriented in their document needs. With Doc Platform and Digital Biometric Signature, possibilities are limitless.

Home Insurance

Finalize the agreements remotely and include well-detailed inspections. You can request a fill-out from the customers and collect signatures from multiple signatories.

Request fill-out and collect remolety

Inspect in detail and digital

Fill out on the browser without an app

Auto Insurance

Along with finalizing agreements digitally, include the inspection services and damage management into your flawless operations.

Inspect and mark-up digitally

Receive damage reports immediately

Fill out on the browser without an app

Health Insurance

Reduce the paper mess on your desk. Finalize agreements and signing process digitally. Collect all the required documents remotely and attach them to one document. This is how you be more organized and find any detail easy.

Finalize agreements digitally

Reduce the paper mess

Collect signatures and documents remotely

Life Insurance

Inspakt's paperless solutions are the way to reduce the paper piles and digitalize the operations. Finalize all related documents digitally, collect necessary paperwork remotely and store them in a single PDF document.

Collect signatures remotely

Generate a single document with attachments

Request fill-out without an app

For all insurers

For any branch of the insurance business, Inspakt solves a great deal of documentation problems and saves time by reducing the number of steps in operations. Check out the templates to get inspired for your business!

See all templates

Life Insurance Agreement

Health Insurance Agreement

Home Inspection Report

Car Inspection Report


Highlighted Features

Request Fill-out

Enter the customer details and send a link via an SMS. They can fill-out the requested information fields on their web browser. People who were invited to fill out don't need to download an app. Documents work with signatures as well.


Collect the required documents such as ID, background check, income report, and more. Attach these side documents to the processing document in Inspakt so that they are all stored in one document as merged.

Digital Biometric Signature

Collect signatures digitally and remotely from multiple signatories. Biometric Data secures the documentation. With the Digital Biometric Signature, finalize the documenting your documents at once.


This feature provides high-quality records of the damage to your property. Once you take images of your property, Markup allows you to show areas with damages on the pictures.

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