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You can shorten the time and number of steps required for documentation in the automotive industry. Beyond that, the documents may include photo inspections, digital signatures, and more. Digitalizing operations pave the way for a trusted business.

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Keep the operations and teams under control. Create templates, send and collect data remotely and archive digitally. Digitalizing procedures will remove the frauds and benefit your business with trusted relations.

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Add photo inspections to delivery services. Work as a team and cooperate. Digitalize registers so that you can keep track of operations step by step. Improving the quality of documentation will make your business more reliable and decrease insurance costs.

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Create integrative documents, including the initial and final steps of the rental and stay over. Besides, add the other required attachments and store one copy instead of many. Compare and find out the damages if conflicted.

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Real Estate

Digitalize rental agreements and inspections. Include the photo-inspections in your documentation. Moreover, shorten the time required for finalizing an agreement by Digital Biometric Signature and remote fill-out

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