Recorded and Reported

Keep track of your assets and damages, and their overall situation. The feature gives a detailed report of the status of each property. You can compare the initial and final records and detect any changes that may have happened over time. With a clean and no-code interface, you will be able to help you manage your properties more efficiently.

No human error

While inspecting and taking notes, let Inspakt create the final report. Eliminate human error in data entry back in the office.

Record the data in the field

Finalize the reporting at once

Increase the reliability by including photos

Damage Management

Convenient, time and money saving solution to the hectic process of checking for damages. Mark up the damages on real-time photos.


Mark up the damages on the image

Accept only real-time photos

Two-way Documents

Record the status, for instance, of your rental house, and compare the start and finish versions when it comes to discord.

Compare the initial and final status

Avoid potential conflicts

Secure your rights


See where you can use inspection

Room Inspection Report

Digital Asset Inspection Report

General Use Damage Report

Car Inspection Report

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