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Logistics Documents

Logistic records and documents are necessary for any company to succeed. Create, fill-out, sign, manage, and track your logistic records in a quick and efficient way.

Track with Inspection

Handle the delivery documentation in different fields of logistics. Either inspect, make a record of damage, or even just create status records.

Create a flow to follow the status of assets. Figure out when there is an incident and save up from insurance costs.

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Logıstıcs documents

Highlighted Features

Two-way Documents

While you accept the deliveries, you can create a flow in which the estate's initial and final pictures are recorded and finalized in one ultimate PDF document. It allows you to compare two instances.

Digital Biometric Signature

It can be tedious to keep track of logistic documents. Digitalizing the process saves time lead to neater management. With the Digital Biometric Signature, finalize documenting your logistic papers at once.

Inspect with Mark-up

Keep a record of the statuses of products. It help to reduce costs of insurance. Take multiple photos and mark up the damages on the picture. Include extensive details and archive.


It's challenging to keep track of all of the documents. To make it easier, merge all necessary documents in the main PDF document. This will eliminate the worry of losing track of assets in transporting process.

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