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Inspakt is a simple document generation platform with options to add signatory and inspection fields and request fill-out. You can co-operate as a team or use individually. Manage operational process and analyze the overall usage at the end.


It's a platform of no-code for creating templates and documents. Start generating document best suitable for your business.


Templates are the foundation of the documents to record details and archive.

Choose an existing template

There are lots of templates for different document purposes. Choose one to start.

Make your own

The drag-and-drop editor presents a no-code document building experience with various components.


Build a document on your own. The drag-and-drop editor is easy to grasp even at first sight.

No-code editing

The drag-and-drop editor makes building a template easy to collect data.

Pool of components

Various elements for different types of data such as pictures, drawing, location, and more.

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After preparing the template as a basis for the document, send a link to others to fill it out, or your team members can access the template on mobile devices to create a report.

Request fill out

Fill out the documents recurring within the team or send fill-out links to your customers to collect information remotely.

Send to collect information

Send documents via a link in an SMS to the customers. So that they can access the documents and fill out remotely on a browser.

Fill out on mobile devices

Allow your team to access to the documents to fill out on mobile devices and create final reports. It is suitable for recurring operations.

Request fill out

See different examples on the templates. Check the Inspakt template library to explore other ways of uses.

Visit template library
Operational documents

Documents of recurring operations are handled by team members on mobile devices.


Documents requiring multiple signatories on the same document. Collect remotely and digitally.

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Digital Biometric Signature is a digital representation of the handwritten signature. It is common to use as an electronic substitute for paper-based signatures. It can be used to authenticate an electronic document, prove the validity of the signer's identity, or authorize any other electronic transaction.


Finalize documents with different signatories digitally and securely.


Add a signature field to provide basic signature. It is a signature without time stamp.

Digital Biometric Signature

It is an advanced level electronic signature that keeps a record of biometric data, provides legally binding time-stamp.

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The platform that takes away all the pain of document management. Keep your files in order here, cooperate on operations, and provide a full overview of everything happening with your files. You deserve better than outdated methods that won't cut it in today's world!


Lead a flawless documentation process within the team and with the customers.

Join as a team or personal

As a part of an organization, join to access operational workflow. Alternatively, create a workspace to manage personal documentation.

Track the progress

See the status of documents signed, filled-out or awaiting. You can track the progress in the workflow of your operations and documentation.

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Track your time, and save the environment by reducing your paper use. Forget about hours of tedious data entry - analyze it all with an overview report of your activity on the platform. Reduce paper waste and earn points for reducing your footprint.


See overviews of documentation created on Inspakt and also contribution to environment.

Overall reports

Access the overview of your work documented digitally using Inspakt. See also other performance reports within the team.

Contribution to environment

By going paperless, you save trees and reduce carbon footprint. See the report of your contribution to the environment.

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