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Rental Agreements

Inspect and keep a detailed record of the rental assets. Two-way documents allow you to compare and contrast the initial and final status of the rentals. Sign and archive digitally with Digital Biometric Signature.

For all rentals

For any type of rental asset, you can create a rental agreement including the initial and final status of the assets. Renting a car, technical equipment, house or a room, all possible here.

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rental agreements

Highlighted Features

Two-way Documents

Enter the rental property details and add photo-inspection so that you document the initial status. Over time, when the time for the deal is finished, create another record for the final status. Compare the versions to identify the changes.


Collect the required documents such as ID, background check, income report, and more. Attach these side documents to the Rental Agreement so that they are all stored in one document as merged.

Digital Biometric Signature

Sign the agreement you have reached a consensus. Both parties will receive digitally signed copies of the PDF document. You don't need to worry about if the hardcopy agreement is lost. It's all secured in Inspakt.


Add sections for the details of the assets. Take photos and mark up the damages on them. With Inspection, you would avoid future arguments about the damages on the assets. It allows you proof-based documentation for rentals.

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