Inspakt reduces the number of steps required to complete a process of operation. It saves time and reduces errors by having a consistent format for every report. You can create a photo inspection and mark up the damages on the picture. Finalizing documents are much more easier here in Inspakt!

Car Rental Businesses

Find many templates and create new ones in Inspakt. You can customize the data collection fields and request fill-out from customers remotely. Finalize the documentation with digital signatures.

Pick up and Return Inspection Form

Rental Agreement

Accident and Damage Reports

Car Care Services

Report and keep a record of every step in the operations. Also, inspect the damages and generate two-way documents. Work as a team with Inspakt App and lead to flawless operations.

Service Intake and Delivery Reports

Damage Reports

Estimated Repair Fee Report

Featured Templates

Find out suitable templates for your operations. Also, get inspired by the existing templates and create new specific ones for your own business.

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Car Accident Template

Car Rental Agreement Template

Damage Report

Car Care Intake and Delivery Templates


Highlighted Features

Two-way Documents

Record the initial and final status of the vehicles and, similarly, include the pre-rental and post-rental status of the cars. This feature allows you to compare as before and after situations.


Collect the necessary attachment from your customers along with the Fill-out document. The final PDF consists of the attached documents and merges them all in one final doc.

Digital Biometric Signature

Either an agreement, a report or anything else, finalize with Digital Biometric Signature. Reduce the time required for finishing a document and secure it digitally.


Through Inspection, add particular details regarding the vehicles or the damages. You can take many pictures and mark up the details on the images.

Organization Structure

Join as a team and cooperate to make the operations flawless. You can create different groups and manage access permissions. With the Inspakt App, team members can fill out the recurring templates easily.

Work as a team

Manage access to documents

Flawless operations

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