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Check-in and Check-out Reports

Individuals renting rooms personally or through Airbnb and hostel or hotel services find the best solutions for their operations in Inspakt. All digitally handled and thought to remove conflicts in the process.

Solutions for Hospitality

From rental agreements to damage reports, you may find a variety of templates in Inspakt. Whether you are an individual renting your rooms through Airbnb or owner a hostel or hotel, you can implement Inspakt's digitalizing solutions for your business.

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Room Inspection Form

Home Rental Agreement

Airbnb Rental Agreement

Hotel Room Inspection Form

Check-in & Check-out Reports

Highlighted Features

Two-way Documents

Generate two separate inspections for check-in and check-out. Inspakt presents the documents of the two instances as before and after. After that, you can compare two instances of the assets


After the rental term ends or in the Check-out step, get a rating from your visitor to identify the satisfaction. Improve your service in the way of being a trusted business.

Inspect with Mark-up

Remove the ambiguities that would create conflicts in the future. Create an extensive and detailed Inspection. Take as many pictures as you want, and make a report in advance.


Request and collect other documents such as ID or passport copies. After that, merge all required documents in one PDF and check-in and -out reports.

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