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Appraisal Reports

An appraisal report is a document that provides detailed information about a property. It can include information such as the type of construction, age, size, location, and other factors that may affect its value or condition. Digitalizing the process and inspection with digital tools allow you to remove human error.

Well-detailed and documented

Appraisal reports are an important part of many industries. They are used to help assess the condition of a property. No human error is possible with appraisals. In Inspakt, they are very well-detailed and accurate.

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Vehicle Appraisal Report

Land Appraisal Report

Home Appraisal Report

Marine Vessel Appraisal Report

Appraisal Reports

Highlighted Features


Include the accurate location information of both the asset and where the document is created. All reports include geo-location and time info.


Add drawing fields to the appraisal reports to conduct a better-detailed assessment of the assets along with the inspections of damages.

Inspect with mark-up

Take multiple photos and report the damages with the option of marking up on the images. Integrate the visual inspection as a part of the appraisal reports.


Collect and attach all the files in a single PDF merged with the final appraisal report. You may attach insurance papers, IDs, or other related documents.

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